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Administrative Law and Urban Planning

Administrative Law and Urban Planning

Urban planning, sanctions, urban discipline records

If the City Council has given you a fine or sanction for a problem related to Urban Planning in Torrevieja, do not hesitate to contact us, Audacia Abogados. If you have an urban discipline record in which you are denied a building license, or asked to pay a fine in Orihuela Costa, contact Audacia Abogados, your trusted lawyers in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.

Major work license / minor work license

If you are thinking of repainting your house, changing the layout of the rooms or even demolishing it to build a new one, you will need to have the mandatory building license, otherwise, you could be subject to a substantial fine. From Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers) we manage your building license in Torrevieja fast and easy.

Legalization of work in house title / Deed

If you have already done work, or have acquired a home with illegal construction, you must legalize this situation as soon as possible to avoid being subject to a fine and administrative sanction. From Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers) we take care of the legalization of your work, pool, room, etc. in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. We accompany you to the notary and advise you throughout all the steps of the process.

Contentious judicial procedure

If the Public Administration has denied you a right or you have not been able to get your claim satisfied through administrative channels, from Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers), your lawyers in Torrevieja, we will take your procedure in front of the court. Do not hesitate to get justice for your rights.

Urban complaint

What do I do if I have a neighbor who is doing illegal work? We can prepare a claim for the illegality of the work that takes away your views, endangers your property or even has been carried out without any type of administrative permission with the danger that this situation can pose for everyone.


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