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Traffic accidents and insurance

Traffic accidents and insurance

Personal injury and property damage due to traffic accident

If you have suffered a fall or damages because of the fault of another person or a company, do not hesitate to contact Audacia Abogados, to claim your corresponding rights for compensation for damages in Torrevieja or request an appointment with your lawyers in Orihuela Costa, Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers).

Lawsuit against an insurance company

Sometimes insurance companies do not want to cover a claim, or they have problems when they have to paying a compensation. If your problem is that, contact to Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers), your lawyers in Torrevieja to file a claim. If you have had a claim and your insurance refuses to pay you, you can go to our offices and request that our lawyers in Orihuela Costa, take care of your problem.

Home insurance, life insurance, funeral insurance

If you have a claim or a problem with insurance of any kind in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa, do not hesitate to contact us to defend your rights. It may happen that home insurance does not want to cover a repair at home, or an insurer may not pay for life insurance. Prevent the insurance company from getting away with it and claim your rights with your lawyers in Torrevieja Audacia Abogados. Put your interests first.

Falls on public roads

Have you ever stumbled on the street because of the poor condition of the pavement? Has it happened to you that you have hit a pothole in the road that has damaged your car? Well, you have the right to be awarded compensation.

In the first case, if you find yourself walking on the sidewalk and through a hole, unevenness or simply lack of pavement, you suffer a fall, this can be very dangerous and harmful to your health. There are a number of legal requirements, but if you meet them, you can raise with a lawyer, a request for a reward to the City Council.

If you are in the second case and you have had to go to the workshop for going through an unrepaired pothole in the road, it is important that you know that you also have the right to request that the expenses of the repair of your car be paid. Do not stay with the doubt and ask for your money.


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