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Discover 5 tips for the January slope

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You need these 5 tips for the January slope, to be able to face it in the best way. Unfortunately, we are in one of those times of the year when you can suffer financial difficulties.

The factors that combine in January are, among others, Christmas shopping, long after-dinner bills with friends and family, or some whim that we have wanted to indulge in ¨Because it is Christmas… ¨.

The important thing to be able to start the year well is to make a small plan by following these tips that we will explain below.

Tip 1. Have a little savings. It is important not to have spent all the money that we have available to pay the new bills for the year that begins. This saving does not have to have been made from the last salary, income or pension that we have, but must have been accumulating with a reasonable percentage (not too much, to also be able to enjoy things), over several months.

Tip 2. Plan expenses. As well as having a reservation, it is crucial to know what we should spend the money on, and we are not talking about nougats, but about important expenses. It is necessary to anticipate if a water bill comes, on the other hand, the dreaded electricity bill, which between the rises and our own consumption due to the cold can give us more than a scare.

Tip 3. Don't forget about annual payments. Many times, you may have some control of your usual consumption expenses, but you miss "the receipt of the car insurance, the house insurance or the community fee".

Tip 4. Negotiate the payments that can be made in several installments. It is normal that we are tempted to pay at once, and forget about it, but sometimes it can completely ruin the economy of that month. It is convenient to know that deferred payments can be given in a multitude of services that we use every day. This will help us keep some of the savings and not run out of a penny.

Tip 5. You should try not to stress too much with this time of year. It is usual that there are many expenses at once, after having enjoyed the holidays, but do not make you bitter, it is just a bad drink. There is still a wonderful year to enjoy and be able to make your dreams come true.

If you need a lawyer, to help you review your mortgage, to buy the house of your dreams, to marry your partner, count on us. Audacia Abogados will help you fulfill your New Year's resolutions.

Real estate and sales law

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