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Family law

Family law

Inheritances and wills

Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers), is a qualified law firm in inheritance law that offers the drafting of a will, communicating with the client in their language (Spanish, English and Russian), to accompany them in the process of leaving his last wishes, thus ensuring the tranquillity of himself and his relatives. Our value as lawyers in Torrevieja is because it is an office with an international team that works for the security and information of its clients at all times. Request your price consultation without obligation in Orihuela Costa or in our offices in Torrevieja.

If a relative has died with a will in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa and wishes to initiate the inheritance distribution procedure, do not hesitate to go to Audacia Abogados. On the other hand, if your loved one has died without a will (intestate ab, the intestate succession will be opened) and you wonder what procedures you should initiate to inherit, contact us and request your appointment now.


When one of the possible heirs of the deceased (the person who is making his will), has committed a series of serious actions against him, such as a crime that threatens his life, among others, the testator may decide to exclude him from the inheritance . Thus, even though the law has reserved a portion of the inheritance for him in his own right, because he is the son or grandson of the testator, he has the right not to include it in his will, depriving him of his rights. At Audacia Abogados, we can help you prepare the disinheritance, and do it legally so that in due course all the inheritance is distributed in the way you have wanted.

Divorce by mutual consent or divorce by the court

In case you have decided that your marriage has come to an end, and you need to start with the divorce proceedings, do not hesitate to contact Audacia Abogados, your lawyers in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. We will accompany you at this moment and we´ll indicate the steps to follow to be able to conclude your marriage in the best way, ensuring your interests. From Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers), we will try to bring positions between the spouses to reach an agreement, but otherwise, a Contentious Divorce claim can be filed before the courts.

Do I need a lawyer for my divorce? We show you the reasons to go to a lawyer:

  1. Both in mutually agreed and contentious divorces, it is the one that provides you with the necessary legal advice.
  2. Your lawyer is in charge of defending and representing your interests in the best way.
  3. You have to draw up the regulatory agreement between both spouses.

Sole custody and joint custody of children

For those marital relations in which there are minor children (under 18), a custody regime must be established between the couple's spouses. From Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers) we take care of the pre-procedural negotiation of the custody agreement to facilitate the approach of positions and ensure the benefit of the minors involved.

Alimony pension

Alimony can be requested both in the area of divorce and in the area reserved for some family relatives that require certain circumstances but allow a person who has the right to maintenance to claim it from the other. In case you want to request food in Torrevieja, or Orihuela Costa, contact us and check the price without obligation.

Modification of measures

If after the divorce your economic or personal conditions of one of the members of the ex-partner have changed to a great extent, it is the responsibility of the judge to request a modification of the measures agreed in the sentence that govern the custody of minor children or the alimony that is they are paying. In short, if you lose your job and can no longer pay alimony, you have to apply for this procedure.


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