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  • Burofax
  • Debt negotiation
  • Legal consultation
  • Attention in different languages


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  • Burofax
  • Debt negotiation
  • Legal consultation
  • Attention in different languages
  • Contract Review
  • Contract drafting


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  • Burofax
  • Debt negotiation
  • Legal consultation
  • Attention in different languages
  • Contract Review
  • Contract drafting
  • Extrajudicial claim for debts
  • Accompaniment to Notary

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CharacteristicsBasic Professional Premium
Debt negotiation
Legal consultation
Attention in different languages
Contract Review
Contract drafting
Extrajudicial claim for debts
Accompaniment to Notary

(FAQ) Frequently asked questions about the legal packs

What is a Legal Pack?

It is a package that includes various legal services for one flat fee price. These services, if contracted separately, would have a much higher cost, therefore having an equal one, that is, that monthly subscription has two advantages:

  • It allows you to have a lawyer at your disposal when you need him to solve your doubts and maintain the legality around your problems.
  • It is much cheaper than hiring each service and not knowing if the lawyer can attend you quickly to control the problem or it will be late and it will create more damage.

What are legal packages for?

These packages of legal advisory and negotiation services serve to give a quick solution to many small problems that can harm the development of your business and delay you in closing deals, sending orders, collecting suppliers, etc.

Who are the legal packages for?

The legal packages serve both for companies and individuals:

  • For companies - it is a tool that serves so that the employer does not have to waste time and money in consultations, trips and waiting for each question that arises in the performance of his business. It is much more advantageous to leave all matters in the hands of a lawyer, who directly mediates with the other party and manages to save time and money that any company needs to use in the development of its activity, in exchange for a very low cost.
  • For individuals - many times people who have different economic activities than those they live in may often need a lawyer. If each of these times they have to pay the price of the lawyer's consultation, the price of the negotiation, for example with the client's tenant, or with an insurance company that does not want to cover a water leak in their home... a good part of his salary in lawyers. But there is a way to avoid that waste and have a lawyer on hand quickly and safely. And that way is by hiring a monthly equal, so a lawyer will take care of all your affairs in exchange for a set price.

Are the prices fixed?

The prices are adapted to the needs of each company or individual, covering only the services it requires and thus taking care of its problems.

How can I pay?

You can pay by transfer, with a bank card or in cash at the Audacia Abogados offices.

How long does the legal package last?

The term for which the legal package contract is agreed is to be agreed between the client and Audacia Abogados, therefore, we adjust to the needs.

Can I change from one type of legal package to another?

Yes, if you request it we can change from a more limited legal package to one with greater coverage and thus be able to enjoy a broader list of services that meets the demands of the company or client's situation.

If I have a legal package, do I have to pay for legal consultations?

No. They are included in the different legal packages that we offer and allow the client to obtain the necessary information to make a decision on a matter.

What is a Burofax?

It is a special letter with certification and attorney signature necessary to record a demand for payment or conduct, which serves as evidence in court.

What is a debt negotiation?

It happens to many of our clients that a supplier stops paying them an amount of money for a service or supplies already performed. In these cases, it is appropriate to start a debt negotiation that has several phases to obtain the collection of the same without having to go to court.

This service can also be used when they claim an amount from us that we cannot pay at this precise moment, but we do not want them to take us to court, so Audacia Abogados can negotiate on our behalf a division that satisfies all those involved.

In what languages can I receive the service?

Audacia Abogados is a law firm that has an international team that can serve clients in Spanish, English, Russian and Bulgarian.

What does the contract review consist of?

Both companies and individuals often sign many contracts, for example with the Internet company, water, electricity, gas, gym, rental or sale contract, contracts between commercial companies on orders, etc. Many times these contracts must be reviewed because they can contain clauses that are very harmful to the client that make them endanger the future of the contract or a lot of money (for example, rental contracts, house purchase, contracts between companies). To avoid greater evils, Audacia Abogados, offers the contract review service, which involves the intervention of a lawyer who checks all the extremes of the agreement and advises on the origin of the signature by the client. In this way, we will always know the risks and we can avoid committing ourselves to situations that can harm us.

What is the drafting of contracts?

Like the review, contract drafting is a very important phase of agreements. In it you can set the clauses that provide protection to our client and expose their interests. It is a very important service, provided by Audacia Abogados, which is used for different legal areas such as sales, supplies, rentals, transfers, etc.

What is an out-of-court debt claim?

If we have already exhausted the previous procedure related to the negotiation of debts without success, at this moment we can only start the procedures related to the extrajudicial claim for debts. If it does not have a satisfactory result either, the last step is to go to the appropriate judicial procedure, which can be an order for payment procedure, a verbal trial or an ordinary procedure, depending on the amount of money that supports it and the circumstances that surround it.

Can I make the legal consultation by phone or video call?

At Audacia Abogados, we are committed to new technologies and the ease with which we can make our inquiries compatible with clients' schedules. For this reason, we offer both face-to-face consultation, telephone and video call.

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