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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Representation before the police and in court

Sometimes it happens that a complication arises in our domestic life and we have to go to the police. For example, we suffer a robbery in our home, an assault or we are the victim of a fraud crime. What should I do if I am scammed? What should I do if I am robbed in the street? Many times the panic of the moment makes it very difficult for us to think clearly. The best thing to do at this time is to contact an attorney. We can evaluate the situation and study what crime we have been a victim of, as well as accompany us in the following legal steps to recover what belongs to us or repair the damage we have suffered. Early legal advice is crucial in order to keep the evidence intact for a future criminal investigation, such as a physical or sexual assault. Audacia lawyers, will come to your aid in these cases, seeking the comprehensive defense of your rights and the preservation of the legality of the process.

Assistance to the detainee in police

It may happen that, at some point in our lives, we have been detained by the Civil Guard. The normal thing in these situations is the initial concern and the uncertainty of what to do at this moment. For this reason, Audacia Abogados will assist you in the arrest of her, guaranteeing that her rights are fulfilled, and explaining that she proceeds in each step, so that she understands the procedure and the steps that must be followed.

Lawsuits for driving under the influence of alcohol

If you get caught up in a police stop and have driven under the influence of alcohol, you face criminal prosecution. The penalties can be, from going to prison, to paying a fine and losing the driving license. If you want an expert lawyer to defend your rights, and obtain the best judicial resolution, you can contact Audacia Abogados.

Lawsuits for driving without a driving license

It is possible for a person to drive with the driving license of their country in Spain for a time beyond that allowed, committing a crime. If it is something that has happened to you, do not hesitate to contact us to bring your judgment and try to minimize the penalty. If, on the other hand, you have never had your driving license, or you had lost it due to a sanction, but you have been arrested while at the wheel, you will face a criminal trial. We can help you, call us.

Lawsuits for gender violence

At the end of or during a relationship, conflicts can sometimes arise. If a violent act takes place, it is very likely that a crime is being committed that fits into those related to gender violence. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should contact our lawyers so they can advise you and seek a trial in which your rights are respected and a fair sentence is obtained.


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