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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Assistance to the detainee in police

It may happen that, at some point in our lives, we have been detained by the Civil Guard. The normal thing in these situations is the initial concern and the uncertainty of what to do at this moment. For this reason, Audacia Abogados will assist you in the arrest of her, guaranteeing that her rights are fulfilled, and explaining that she proceeds in each step, so that she understands the procedure and the steps that must be followed.

Lawsuits for driving under the influence of alcohol

If you get caught up in a police stop and have driven under the influence of alcohol, you face criminal prosecution. The penalties can be, from going to prison, to paying a fine and losing the driving license. If you want an expert lawyer to defend your rights, and obtain the best judicial resolution, you can contact Audacia Abogados.

Lawyer representing the victim

Are you the victim of an interrogation? Are you wondering if they will give you your money back or pay you for your damages? On many occasions, the procedure focuses on seeking the conviction of the culprit but not on repaying the victim. That is why you need a lawyer to represent you as a private prosecution and fight for the money to be returned to you or to be paid for the damages suffered. We will do justice for you.

Lawsuits for gender violence

At the end of or during a relationship, conflicts can sometimes arise. If a violent act takes place, it is very likely that a crime is being committed that fits into those related to gender violence. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should contact our lawyers so they can advise you and seek a trial in which your rights are respected and a fair sentence is obtained.

Crime of damages

It is a crime that occurs when a tenant leaves a rented home, breaking everything in their path and taking all the objects that belong to the household goods, and the furniture and appliances. It is not the only example, but it happens very frequently.


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