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Civil law and contracts

Civil law and contracts

Rental and sale contracts

When we are going to compare or rent a home, many times it happens that there is a real estate agency or even two involved, but no one who represents our own interests and rights. It is convenient that the contract of sale or rental is always reviewed by a professional lawyer, and not by the "legal advisor, legal advisor, or legal assistant" on duty at the real estate agency, who does not have any legal training, but is called thus to give us a certain peace of mind (by the way, that is a crime of intrusion, included in article 403 of the penal code). We will look after your interests, protecting you in a step as important as finding your home.

Review and drafting of contracts

If you need the assurance that an expert lawyer prepares a contract, exactly for your case, and defends your interests in that transaction, trust Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers). We prepare contracts for sale, urban lease, commercial lease, etc. Be sure that your matters have been reviewed by your lawyer in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, who will advise and prepare you, for any legal situation. At Audacia Abogados we work providing our clients with excellent service getting the best results.

Claim for breach of contracts

Surely it has happened to you more than once, that someone with whom you had a contract did not respect it, harming you. It can happen, for example, that a supplier to whom you used to buy a product, does not deliver it on time or does, but it is in poor condition. Sometimes what you do is just let it go, but other times, you can't take these attitudes anymore, and demand that you be rewarded for the damage it has caused you. If this happens, the other person involved will usually look for an excuse and try to tell you that they will do nothing to improve your situation. That's when you need a lawyer in Torrevieja, to help you with the claim and make sure your rights are respected.


The donation is when a person donates (gives for free) to another a house, care, or any good. At Audacia Abogados (Audacia Lawyers) we take care of managing the necessary legal steps so the property is transferred to its new owner. We will be your lawyers/solicitors in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. The donation can be reversed, so you can have back the good that you gave. If you want to regain possession of the subject that you donated in the past, come to our office in Torrevieja and our lawyers will advise you on the steps to follow.

Claim of damages

If you need to file a claim for damages for having suffered a fall, or for personal or property damage caused by a third party, do not hesitate to defend your rights by going to your lawyer in Torrevieja, Audacia Abogados. We will get in touch to evaluate your situation and show you the different alternatives that your case raises to reach the solution that best suits you. Remember that whether you are in Orihuela Costa or Torrevieja, you can request your prior appointment and check prices without obligation.

Insurance problems

Unfortunately, it is common that when one has a problem and an insurance that is supposed to cover this risk the company always tries not to comply. A car accident in Torrevieja, a problem with home insurance or community insurance is one of the most common cases. We can help you to solve your problem.

Personal Injury and Property Damages due to a traffic accident

If you have had a fall, or have suffered damages due to the fault of another person, do not hesitate to contact Audacia Abogados, to claim your rights to compensation for damages in Torrevieja or ask for an appointment with your lawyers in Orihuela Costa, Audacia Abogados.

Suit against an Insurance Company

Sometimes insurance companies do not want to cover a claim, or have problems when it comes to paying compensation. If this is your problem, do not hesitate to contact Audacia Abogados, your lawyers in Torrevieja to present your claim.

Home insurance, life insurance, death insurances

It may happen that the home insurance does not want to cover a home repair, or an insurer may refuse to pay the life insurance. Prevent the insurer from getting its way and make a claim. Put your interests first.

Problems with the Community insurance

When the Community of Owners has premises or even problems with a downpipe, the installation of the air conditioning or a neighbour who has a water leak, the insurance is involved. It can often happen that the insurance company refuses to pay for certain damages, which are the responsibility of the community. If you want us to help you in this complicated matter, make an appointment and we will solve it.

Problems with the Community of Owners

Different problems can always arise in the Community of Owners. Some of them are neighbors who are in arrears or who carry out illegal or unhealthy activities in their homes, overcharges, minutes of the Board of Owners that do not comply with the law, lawsuits in which the Community sues or is sued for civil liability by neighbors or third parties, incorrect installation of Air Conditioning, works without permission or not in accordance with the aesthetics of the building... That is why if you have a problem with your Community of Owners in Torrevieja, you can contact us.

Problems with neighbors

Living in a community of owners, we are exposed to possible friction with the neighbors. At Audacia lawyers, we specialize in dealing with this type of problem. It may be that a neighbor’s house smells unhealthy, makes a lot of noise at night or becomes a source of conflict. We will deal with your problem, always trying in the first place to carry out an out-of-court negotiation to try to reach an agreement with the annoying neighbor. In any case, we will put an end to the situation in order to reach a good understanding with the other party. Make an appointment at our law firm in the center of Torrevieja and receive advice for your particular case.

Community lawsuit

If a person suffers an accident in the community swimming pool or on the stairs, or if debris falls from the façade causing damage to a neighbor or a third party, it may be necessary to go to court.

Defaulting neighbor

We have all experienced at some point in time a complicated situation in which one of the co-owners of our community stops paying the community fees or refuses to pay his or her share of the community fees. In this case, we can always turn to a law firm in Torrevieja such as Audacia Abogados to protect our cause and take care of resolving our case as soon as possible.

Spills and meetings

Occasionally, there may be a tense meeting of neighbors who are owners of a community in which no agreements are reached or there is even conflict over the approval of certain fees. If you are concerned about the legality of the vote, do not hesitate to contact us, so that one of our professionals can accompany you to the meeting and explain to those present all the legal aspects of the payment. Audacia Abogados has qualified staff and has an office in the center of Torrevieja and can travel to the place of the established meeting of owners.


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