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Extrajudicial negotiation

Extrajudicial negotiation

Debt negotiation

Do you have a debt? Don't they stop pressuring you to pay? If you want us to manage your amount and your form of payment for a collection company or someone else, always keep in mind that a lawyer can negotiate for you. looking after your interests and solving the problem without going to court. Contact Audacia Abogados, and tell us about your problem so we can start solving it right away.

Real estate negotiation

Are you going to sell or buy a house? Whether you are from Spain or another country, it is a very stressful time and full of doubts: what expenses do I have to pay; how do I have to make sure that the house has no debts; is this real estate agency trustworthy... We know what you are thinking about, and how to help you solve all your doubts. What distinguishes us from other law firms in Torrevieja, is that we have experience in real estate law and speak many languages, being able to facilitate communication between all parties without involving translators ¨converted into legal advisors¨ without any qualifications. Trust in an expert lawyer, to sleep peacefully.

Extrajudicial claim with Burofax

The Burofax is a special letter written by a lawyer and that can be used as evidence in a trial. It serves to start an out-of-court negotiation and set deadlines for a possible procedure in the future.

Swears of nationality

On many occasions, once you obtain nationality, that is, the favorable resolution of the Ministry, you have to proceed to the next step. This consists of the meeting of a series of documents to proceed with the effective swearing-in of your new Spanish nationality. If you want an expert lawyer to ensure that the procedure is perfect and you don't miss your chance, call us.


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