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6 travel problems that you can solve with insurance

Problems with insurance when you return from holidays.

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6 travel problems that you can solve with insurance

Going on vacation without taking out travel insurance is unimaginable, but you should not only think about its coverage during your vacation, but also when you return home.

When hiring travel insurance, most of the time you think about covering what may happen to you during your stay or obtaining a refund of the amount of the reservation if in the end you cannot travel. Although insurance has many coverages related to the course of the trip, it is also important to know that its value does not end when you return home and that there are very common problems that are also included in them.

1. They have lost my luggage on the return flight

If you have the misfortune of losing your luggage just when you arrive in Spain, the insurance takes care of cooperating with the airline in its search and delivery to your home. Likewise, if the problem is that they have damaged it during transport, they will compensate you for it.

2. I have forgotten my camera at the hotel

In the last minute rush, you may leave something of value at the hotel and it's common not to know what to do once you get home. If you have travel insurance, they will send it to your home at no cost.

3. I lost my credit card at the airport before boarding my return flight.

It is quite easy to get confused and lose the card if, for example, you have to take your ID out of your wallet to validate your plane ticket. If you don't know where to start to cancel your cards, travel insurance does this for you so you don't worry too much.

4. I had to be repatriated due to an accident and I have lost half of my vacation

An accident or a serious illness that requires medical repatriation is not pleasant for anyone, especially if it results in the loss of part of the vacation and the money for hotels and flights. Travel insurance deals with the reimbursement of these amounts in the event that you have had to go through repatriation.

5. My dog ​​is lost and I have a flight home today

It is becoming more and more common to travel with your pet and many hotels are already considering this possibility. But what happens if you get lost and the return home is immediate? Many travel insurances include specific coverage for pets such as the extension of the stay due to their loss or if they have a mishap, so that you can return when you have reunited with your best furry friend.

6. I caused an accident in a restaurant and they demand compensation

Anyone can have a bad day and create a situation they didn't want, harming others. For these cases, it is necessary to travel with insurance that includes Supplementary Civil Liability, so that the return home is not accompanied by the concern of how to pay for the damage caused.

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