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Benefits of being registered

Do you know the advantages of registration?

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Benefits of being registered

The municipal register is a record that lists the people who live in a locality. It collects the names, surnames, addresses, identity documents, sex, date and place of birth, school or academic title and nationality of the people who reside in the locality.

Registration in the municipal register is an obligation when you reside in the municipality, we may be required to be registered under a mute of 90 euros maximum depending on the number of inhabitants of the municipality. In addition, if you habitually reside in the municipality you have the right to be registered in it.

What obligations does registration entail?

You must register in the register of the municipality where you establish your residence

Foreigners from countries that are not in the EU and without a permanent residence permit must renew their registration in the register every 2 years, otherwise they will be discharged.

What is the registration for?

In the first place, the registration accredits you as a resident of the locality in question, this serves as the basis for requesting many other advantages such as:

- Request or renew the DNI/NIE and the Passport

- Renew the driving license

- Apply for a school place

- Participate in municipal elections

- Register a vehicle

- Apply for the health care card

- Apply for residence and work permits

- Process the family reunification of first-degree relatives

- Access to municipal aid and subsidies

- Necessary to opt for nationality.

Documents needed to register

They are different depending on whether it is for the registration flyer or on the other hand it is for a registration in the Torrevieja population register for the first time. In the latter case, more documents are needed than in the first, because the right to reside in said home must be proven.

If you need help to register we can help you, request a consultation so that we can inform you better.

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