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Can my community of owners prevent me from having animals?

How to solve problems caused by pets in a community of owners?

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Can my community of owners prevent me from having animals?

Having pets can affect the coexistence of the community. We clarify if the neighbors can prohibit you from having a pet.

Some pets can be annoying for a part of the neighbors. Their noises or smells can be the cause of discussions and discomfort in the community and can cause a serious problem of coexistence.

But can the community of owners prevent having animals? The answer is no, because the individual right of a person prevails over the group interest of the community, but with some nuances that we explain below.

In case of dirt, discomfort, noise, odours, what can I do?

The law does include the situation that is the result of harmful, annoying, unhealthy or dangerous activities, which, if necessary, could be raised through the president of the community.

It would be appropriate to hold a meeting of owners, introducing the issue on the agenda so that, together, they try to reach a solution. If, for example, there is a garden area, a ban on walking there could be agreed to prevent animals from relieving themselves in common areas. Or if you are in the situation where a neighbor has a dangerous breed dog, require the use of a muzzle.

Likewise, the problem lies in compliance, since it must be taken into account that the community does not have the power to sanction. In the event that an owner does not abide by the rules, ignoring the internal regime, notices and municipal ordinances, the only way is to go to court.

Civil Law

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