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Do you know what the crime of coercion is?

Find out what is the crime of coercion with an example that will make it clear.

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Do you know what the crime of coercion is?

In our legal practice at Audacia Abogados, we address fundamental issues such as the crime of coercion, a crucial area that affects the individual freedom of people.

The crime consists of violence applied to force someone to perform actions against their will or prevent them from carrying out activities that the law does not prohibit. This crime is meticulously regulated in article 172 of the Criminal Code, being a direct violation of the freedom to act, physical freedom and the freedom to decide to do or not to do something.

In our law firm, we understand the importance of approaching these matters with the seriousness and dedication they deserve. We can tell you a typical case of coercion and how to deal with it:

Maria (made-up name), a young entrepreneur, was excited about opening her new business, a beauty and manicure salon. However, her enthusiasm was dashed when she received an unexpected visit from Pedro (name invented), an individual with a shady background in the neighborhood. Pedro, seeking to impose his control over the area, demanded that Maria close her store and give him a portion of her profits in exchange for "protection".

Faced with Maria's refusal, Pedro adopted more aggressive tactics. He began threatening to damage her store and intimidating her employees. The situation became even more worrisome when Pedro, using his violent history, began to follow Maria and her family, creating an even more violent situation.

Maria, fearful for her safety and that of her loved ones, finally acceded to Pedro's demands, closing her business and handing over part of her profits to him. This coercive act not only affected Maria's entrepreneurial freedom, but also left an indelible mark on her emotional well-being.

Desperate, Maria decided to seek legal help and turned to our law firm specializing in this type of crime. We worked hard to gather evidence, including witness testimony and records of the threats Maria received. We presented a strong case to the authorities, highlighting the seriousness of the crime of coercion perpetrated by Pedro.

Thanks to our intervention, Pedro was brought to justice and faced the consequences of his actions. Maria, although affected by the experience, was able to reopen her business with the support of adequate protective measures.

This story illustrates how the crime of coercion can directly affect people's lives, undermining their fundamental rights and having a significant impact on their well-being. At our firm, we are committed to providing legal support to those facing similar situations, ensuring that justice is done and individual rights are protected.

We explore each case on an individual basis, analyzing the specific circumstances and applying our legal expertise to ensure the best possible defense. We strive to protect the fundamental rights of our clients.

If you find yourself in a legal situation related to the crime of coercion, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide expert legal guidance and support throughout the legal process. At our firm, defending your rights is our top priority. Call us and get your consultation.

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