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Find out what to do if someone tries to cheat on you on the phone.

How to act before a suspicious call?

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Find out what to do if someone tries to cheat on you on the phone.

In recent weeks in our office we have been frequently receiving inquiries from clients who want to know how to proceed in the event of a supposed call from their telephone company or from electricity supplies, internet, etc. telling them that the price of their fare is going to go up.

In reality, it is a call in which your company is supplanted, so at Audacia Lawyers we advise you to exercise great caution in the face of this type of call and consult with an expert on how to proceed before taking any steps.

This is how cheating occurs

Normally, users receive a call from their company informing them that their rate will be increased that same night and a new permanence commitment will be initiated. The alleged company puts pressure on customers by saying that if they do not accept the price change they will lose their phone number or by commenting that they have more interesting offers from other companies in the same group and that they can do a port.

But the person calling you is not from your company. It is a deception that aims to attract customers and make you change the operator, because normally shortly after you receive a second call from another company to offer you their rate.

Without warning, customers have no time to react and many unsubscribe and accept the new offer, resulting in them having to pay a penalty to their previous operator for early termination and breach of contract.

To change the conditions of the contract without your consent, the companies have to meet certain requirements, among which is to notify you at least one month in advance. Therefore, it is important that you review the small print contained in the invoices.

Whenever you receive a call (reporting a change, making an offer or any other communication), you should keep in mind that the person calling you may not be who they say they are. At Audacia Lawyers we recommend that you suspect its veracity and, before making any decision, call the customer service of the company that has supposedly contacted you to check whether they have made the call or not and confirm the information that they have given you

Likewise, for greater peace of mind, we advise you to consult an expert to inform you about your rights as a consumer and advise you on the steps to follow.

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