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How is the security at a summer camp?

Find out what safety is like at summer camps!

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How is the security at a summer camp?

We are in the middle of summer and families are encouraged to plan leisure activities to keep their children active and to be able to combine the school vacation period with their working lives.

An alternative is to enroll the children in a summer camp and have them spend a few days away from home. It is a possibility that leads parents to ask themselves some questions:

Is it safe for children? What requirements are required to organize an activity of this type? How to act in case of an accident?

Regulation of the camps

The first thing you have to consider is that the regulatory framework that regulates these activities is very disperse, because it is a competence that falls to the Autonomous Communities. This has as a consequence the existence of different norms, with a greater or lesser degree of development and specification.

But, there are a number of points in common:

- Most Autonomous Communities regulate the number of monitors that must participate in the activity, establishing a variable ratio that usually ranges between one monitor for every ten or twelve children. Likewise, there is the figure of camp coordinator, who is in charge of managing all aspects of logistics, supervising the operation of the camp and the security of the activities that are carried out.

- A percentage of monitors must also have the appropriate qualification, currently the title of monitor or coordinator of leisure and free time, obtained in an official school of the corresponding Autonomous Community. You must bear in mind that, depending on the activities to be carried out, some other specific degree may be requested. As, for example, in the case of activities that require special technical training, such as horse riding or water activities.

- Another aspect that is contemplated is the necessary documentation to request administrative authorization to organize a summer camp. Normally it is necessary to present a risk prevention and assessment plan based on the activities to be carried out.

- There is also a series of insurances that it is obligatory to contract. Whoever organizes a summer camp must necessarily have civil liability insurance that covers possible damages to third parties, as well as accident insurance to cover any possible mishap that may occur during the development of the activity.

How should you claim if there is a mishap?

The camps are subject to a fairly complete regulation, even so, it cannot be excluded that some incidence may occur. How to claim in this case?

The first thing is to gather as much evidence as possible, such as medical reports, the police report or the testimony of witnesses who had witnessed the events. From here, it is important to communicate it reliably to the organizer, who will have to give part of the civil liability insurance. In the event that it is not possible to reach an amicable settlement, a civil proceeding will have to be initiated through the Court of First Instance to claim the damages suffered.

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