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How to collect a debt: Make your claim

Do you have to collect a debt?

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How to collect a debt: Make your claim

The question of how to collect a debt can have different answers. One of them is through an out-of-court negotiation (link on our website) or a judicial procedure. In order to proceed with such a request, the credit situation must contain a series of characteristics required by law, such as that the term for payment has already arrived, or that the amount is clear.

Claiming a debt is a procedure that requires different skills that legal professionals possess and that can increase the chances of its recovery.

How to collect a debt?

The debt may be required by means of an out-of-court negotiation, or through an interim judicial procedure. This process is special for the collection of bills and other types of financial debts. It requires specific characteristics and is presented before the Court of First Instance, you can go with a lawyer and attorney. This way you can ensure that you comply with the law and streamline the procedure by providing the appropriate documentation.

Type of debt and first steps

Debts can be with individuals, with companies or even between two companies. Taking into account whether the credit comes from a personal loan, an unpaid bill, or a foregone rent, you have to choose what the next step is. Usually in Audacia Abogados, we proceed to the claim through Burofax. It is a preliminary step to go to trial, and involves the writing of a letter by the lawyer, in which the laws that are being violated and how and when to pay are explained. After it is sent, the extrajudicial negotiation begins by your lawyer, so that he can get the best conditions.

If you want us to negotiate your debt, call us, we have the experience and knowledge you need.

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