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How to know if a lawyer is really one?

How can I know if a lawyer is real? How do you know if he is registered in Spain?

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How to know if a lawyer is really one?

It is very likely that many times real estate agencies, translators, pseudo “legal” or consultancy offices or even call centers offer legal advice or even accompany you in certain legal procedures or paperwork.

The main argument of the staff of these places that even use to boldly affirm on their signs that they have a “lawyer” or that they do “legal advice” or “legal advice”, is that they have “someone” who performs said services. Another typical scam is committed by those who claim to be lawyers in their country, but have not translated and legalized their titles through the Ministry of Education, which is equivalent to not having any title. These people cannot practice law in Spain until the Ministry of Education homologate your title, with the corresponding guarantees.

What risks do you run by not advising yourself by a lawyer?

Unfortunately, bad advice, typical of those who have not studied Law or the Master of Law (everything a lawyer should study) can make us lose opportunities to claim a millionaire inheritance, an outstanding debt or an indemnity that we did not even imagine that the law provided for.

When should you start to suspect?

The usual thing is that the lawyer attends in his office that usually takes his diplomas of the career, the master and other specialization courses. If there aren't, you can start to suspect. If when asked about his collegiate number and school he did not say it (he is obliged to do so), he stops doubting.

How to know if a lawyer is really one?

The first thing to do is ask the lawyer for the number of the collegiate and the association to which he belongs. It may happen to you that the lawyer is licensed, but not practicing, which means that he cannot go to trial. You can call directly the Bar Association that he claims to be from and confirm it. On the other hand, you can check the following link (, the data of your lawyer, and thus make sure if it is.

What to do if you have found out that your lawyer is not a lawyer?

You should contact the regional Bar Association and make the situation known. Unfortunately, on many occasions it may have already cost you its "fees" or a lot of money in procedural errors or poor advice from that savvy translator, the uneducated advisor or the real estate legal assistant.

What terms lead to think that you are with a lawyer and are prohibited?

The new law against professional intrusion contains the following terms that mislead the client: legal advisor, legal assistant, legal assistant...

Who pretends to be a lawyer is committing a crime?

Yes, he is committing a crime under art. 403 of the Spanish Penal Code. This crime can be punished with up to 2 years in prison.

We hope that our article How to know if a lawyer is really one? You loved it and if you have any questions call us, we are lawyers.

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