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How to obtain Spanish nationality?

It is important to know that Spanish nationality can be obtained by foreigners who meet the requirements of the law. We can make the procedure and get you the nationality faster.

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How to obtain Spanish nationality?

Spain is historically a country that has always enjoyed having many immigrants. They often start a new life here and want to establish themselves as Spanish citizens because their whole life is linked to this land. There are different ways to obtain Spanish nationality, depending on the country and how long they have been here. There are also ways for special cases for recognized artists or high-performance athletes. 

To acquire Spanish nationality, there are several ways available:

1. Nationality by Residence: this is the most common case and for this it is necessary to reside in Spain legally for ten years continuously and immediately prior to the application. There are shorter terms for persons of certain nationalities.

2. Nationality by Letter of Nature: This route is discretionary and is granted through a Royal Decree of the Government. It is considered in exceptional circumstances.

3. Nationality for Spaniards of Origin: Applicable to those born of a Spanish father or mother, or those born in Spain whose at least one of the parents was born in Spain.

4. Nationality by Option: It offers the possibility of acquiring Spanish nationality to foreigners under certain conditions, such as those subject to the parental authority of a Spaniard or whose father or mother was Spanish and born in Spain (but certain requirements must be met because it is not automatic).

What is the process like?

It is very common for people to do the process alone via internet. There is nothing wrong with this procedure except the time to wait and the risk of not providing the correct documents, wasting even more years of waiting to get the nationality.

Why apply with a lawyer?

It is convenient to apply for nationality with a lawyer (Audacia Abogados) for several reasons:

- Last time we got it in only six months.

- We process it in its entirety with the security of knowing that the documents you present are the correct ones.

- But why is it faster with a lawyer? Because the lawyer has a special filing channel that IS NOT the one used by everyone and that involves direct contact with the Ministry of Justice.

It is important to note that you can apply for Spanish nationality after 10 years of residence in Spain. There are also other channels, such as marriage or birth, which require different periods of residence, even if you or your Spanish parents were born outside of Spain. It is essential to consult with a specialized lawyer to understand and follow the process properly.

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