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Letter from the Court What do I do?

How not to worry if you get a letter from the administration.

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Letter from the Court What do I do?

We are surrounded by the Law, so it is not uncommon for it to happen to us that more than once we have the following situation in our mailbox: A letter from the court, what do I do?

So that this moment is not one of those that bring heart attacks and excessive worry, it is important to be able to act calmly. It can be a letter from the Court, from the Treasury, from Social Security, the surprise and the bad drink are the same.

It is important to act quickly when receiving this type of notification because most of them carry, among a lot of legal verbiage that is difficult to understand, a Deadline.

The steps you must follow are to read the content of the message and contact a professional in the area. For example, if the letter that has arrived at your home bears the Treasury letterhead, you should check your citizen folder.

What is that electronic folder?

It is a space on the web that the Spanish state has enabled for those who have a digital certificate and where they can interact with the vast majority of public entities . You can be aware of your notifications from your second home or when you are on vacation.

If, on the other hand, we see that the letter has a yellow sticker from the Court, we should go to a lawyer in Torrevieja. At Audacia Lawyers we can help you.

Once the lawyer has examined the content of the notification and has explained to us what it is about, we can decide with more information on our next step. It is vital not to stay in the ¨Letter from the Court, what do I do? ¨ and end up throwing it in the trash.

It may be a debt claim and in some of these procedures, if we do not respond within the term, the judge goes directly to execute our accounts, or what is the same, they enter the bank and take the money without explanation.

Another possibility is that it is a trial in which the Community of Owners requires us to take some action.

Social Security notifications can refer to our quotas as workers, self-employed, our coverage for sick leave or our pension. Knowledge of its content is of great importance in order not to get into problems with improper deadlines and payments.

To understand your letter and feel safe in your procedures, call Audacia Abogados and avoid headaches.

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