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Tips to avoid theft in your home during the holidays

How to avoid unpleasant surprises when returning from holidays?

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Tips to avoid theft in your home during the holidays

If you don't want to get an unpleasant surprise when you return from your vacation, follow our recommendations to prevent theft in your home.

We are in vacation time and surely you have plans to spend a few days relaxing away from home, either in the mountains or on the beach.

Summer is undoubtedly the rest for some, but it is also the busiest time for intruders. Precisely this season of the year is when there are more thefts and robberies in homes.

Do you want a holiday without strong emotions in your home?

Next, you will find some tips to minimize risks and thus have the best security guarantees in your home while you are enjoying your dream vacation.

- Do not reveal your vacation plans, start dates or duration on social networks. Therefore, if your desire is to show off your vacation, it is better to always do it right after your vacation and never before or during your enjoyment.

- It appears that your home is inhabited. To achieve this, it is advisable not to lower the blinds completely and close the windows and doors well. Apart from this, if you intend to be away from home for a long time, it is advisable to have automatic timers that are programmed to change the position of the blinds or awnings, turn on the lights, the music and even the television.

- Another element to use to make it as difficult as possible for sausages to enter your property is to use the alarm that you have previously installed.

- If you have a mailbox for correspondence, it is convenient that the doorman of the farm, if you have one, or a trusted family member or friend pick up the mail. You can also take the opportunity to check that the interior of your house is in order, that there are no suspicious noises, or signs on the access door that may alert that the property is being controlled by thieves to know if there are entrances and exits from the home. .

- Likewise, it is very beneficial to have full home insurance, which you can resort to if you suffer an accident at home. Don't forget to make backup copies of the information you have stored on your computer, as this way you will avoid losing valuable data that is difficult to recover.

Remember that if when you return home you realize that the lock of your home is forced or the access door appears open, you do not have to touch anything and immediately call the police so that they appear at the scene, raise crowded. To report what happened, call us.

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