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Until when the child support must be paid

Find out when the expiration of the alimony occurs.

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Until when the child support must be paid

Article 152 of the Civil Code establishes the causes for the extinction of the alimony, in favor of the children. In this article we are going to talk about one of them.

Until when must alimony be paid for the children?

This question is probably the one most asked by those parents, who, by ruling, are obliged to pay a monthly alimony. Until when do I have to pay alimony for my children?

The age of majority of the children does not determine the extinction of the alimony. The Civil Code establishes that in addition to having reached the age of majority, they must have financial independence from their parents and not live with them.

But the reality, in Spain, is to see children with thirty years of age, who continue to reside and depend on their parents, even after finishing their studies. And therefore, should we let children live off their parents until they can live off children?

The Supreme Court establishes that when the children already have sufficient and adequate means to "look for life" and show disinterest in their studies or in the search for work, the alimony may be extinguished.

For this, it is important to have a specialized lawyer, who cares and watches over your interests, since the extinction of the alimony is not automatic, it must be agreed by a Judge and must do so through a request for modification of measures.

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