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What insurance should you take out for your boat or pleasure boat?

Find out what aspects of insurance are important.

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What insurance should you take out for your boat or pleasure boat?

Did you know that it is mandatory to take out insurance for most pleasure boats? Next, we tell you the details.

The wind, the waves, the smell of salt… It is possible that you also love the sea and are considering buying a boat. You probably already know that you will be obliged to secure it, just as it happens with land vehicles.

Boat insurance protects you in different situations on board a pleasure boat. In Spanish legislation, the need for civil liability insurance is stipulated in Royal Decree 607/1999. This legislation indicates what type of boats are the ones that must have insurance and what minimum coverage they must have (fundamentally, civil liability).

What boats have to have insurance?

The aforementioned law specifies that all motorized vessels, including jet skis, must have insurance. If the boat does not have a motor and its length is less than 6 m., it is not mandatory to have insurance.

What does boat insurance cover?

The most common coverages in boat insurance are the ones that we explain below:

- Civil liability

Just as in the case of car insurance, civil liability supports that, if you have an accident that harms other people or boats, the insurance will pay the corresponding compensation. As explained before, it is the mandatory minimum coverage of these insurances.

- own damage

According to the policy, damages that are the result of accidents, explosions or fires in which your boat has been damaged may be included with the limit set in the contract.

- Stole

The insurance can cover both the theft of the boat and the belongings inside.

- Travel Assistance

Covers the cost of towing the boat if you are unable to navigate under your own power.

- Legal defense

The expenses of lawyers, solicitor and fees for the defense and the claim if, for example, you have been involved in an accident with another boat.

Other coverage

Each insurance company will be able to offer its clients the coverage they deem appropriate, so the possible additional existing coverage is endless. Next, we describe some of them:

- Supplementary Civil Liability

It is possible to extend the limits set by law or even provide coverage when the ship is on land.

- Removal of remains

If the boat were damaged and its remains were left somewhere, the insurance would take care of picking them up.

- Occupant accidents

That is, cover personal accidents whose consequences are the death or permanent disability of the occupants of the boat with the limits set in the policy.

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