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What is a simple note for?

Find out what a simple note tells you about.

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What is a simple note for?

What is a simple note?

The simple note is an informative document that will be essential for you when you go to carry out a sale or purchase of a property or farm. This official document is issued by the Property Registry, its content is a summary of all the characteristics related to the property and its owners.

Some of the characteristics of most interest to you as a future owner are the following: see who the current owner is, check if the property has pending charges (mortgages, loans, liens, etc.), the technical characteristics of the property (m2, number of legal plants, location, community, check participation fees etc.)

In summary, having the simple note in your hands before finalizing the sale will save you more than one upset later.

What information does a simple note contain?

Next, we inform you about some of the most significant data included in this document:

Registered property

In this part of the simple registry note it is explained if it is an urban or rustic property, what is its extension, the orientation, the boundaries and the unique registration number.

Property ownership

In this part of the document are indicated the data of the owner / s of the property, and the proprietary or community nature of the same. It also incorporates the manner of transaction that can be by purchase or by inheritance title.

Property charges

In this section of the simple note it is reflected if the property has real liens or is encumbered with charges in the form of mortgages. Also, if it has limitations to use, such as usufructs or easements.

The registered charges will allow you to know the economic responsibility of the property in case you do not comply with the lien. Likewise, you will know what are the obligations that you will have as the new owner of the encumbered property. This can be easements of views, lights, passage, among others.

Marginal notes and peculiarities

The marginal notes contain information that allows to clarify some data found in the Simple Note.

These notes may indicate relationships with other registry properties, which may be the existence of segregations and the enumeration of segregated properties, among others. It should also be noted that in this section of the simple note is the information related to the book, volume and folio in which the property is registered.

What information do you need to request a Simple Note?

The information you need to request a simple housing note are the following:

- The location and number of the farm in the property registry.

- The full address where the farm is physically located.

- The identification data of the owner or owners of the property, including the National Identification Document (DNI).

- The cadastral registry.

- The Unique Identifier of the Registry Property

Who can provide you with a simple note?

At Audacia Abogados, we can help you obtain the Simple Note from the Property Registry of Torrevieja, Orihuela or any municipality in the Vega Baja.

Avoid headaches like buying a house with a pending mortgage or an embargo, call us and we will solve it for you.

Real estate and sales law

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