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What is psychological abuse? Is it a crime?

Psychological abuse is punishable by law and you can ask for help to get out of that situation.

Criminal law
What is psychological abuse? Is it a crime?

Many times we can easily distinguish what physical or sexual abuse is but we do not detect it so easily on a mental level. We ask ourselves: What is psychological abuse? Is it a crime?

Domestic violence causes a type of silent violence and involves many victims. While physical abuse attracts attention (and is often the most well-known form), internal abuse is often overlooked. The Constitution makes no distinction between physical and psychological abuse, considering them both legitimate. The problem when it comes to psychological abuse is how to be able to prove and document the episodes suffered since they usually occur alone with the abuser.

Psychological domestic violence includes attitudes of control, manipulation and intimidation aimed at dominating the person involved. Although it does not leave marks on the body, it causes serious mental damage. This type of abuse, although less reported than physical attacks, is punishable by the Penal Code. You can ask for help if you are suffering.

Psychological violence in the family environment is expressed through criticism, denial, neglect of responsibilities and emotional abandonment. It is more common in relationships of power or dependency, especially between parents and children. The family environment significantly influences personal development, affects self-esteem and generates forms of violence.

In terms of child psychological abuse, the figures in Spain are alarming, with at least 25% of children being victims. The Penal Code considers domestic violence a criminal act, punishing both physical and psychological violence. Sanctions vary depending on the severity and circumstances of the case.

Recognizing emotional abuse in the family is difficult because there are no physical signs. Signs include attempts at control, manipulation, intimidation, and isolation.

What examples are there of psychological abuse?

It is very typical to receive insults, threats, coercion or hurtful, humiliating or humiliating expressions (such as: "Aren't you too old for that skirt?; You're no good for anything!; etc.¨); and these will be legally reprehensible when they have an impact on our mental health.

How do you detect having suffered psychological abuse?

Addressing this type of abuse requires recognizing the problem, seeking professional help and, in serious cases, contacting the respective authorities.

You can go to your family doctor and tell him about the situation. Depending on your health status, they may recommend that you contact a psychologist or psychiatrist to begin treating the damage caused by exposure to this abuse.

Society and victims must raise awareness about psychological violence in the family and seek both psychological and legal support to put an end to these situations. At Audacia Abogados, we provide the necessary support and advice to those who are victims of psychological domestic violence.

Criminal law

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