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What is the registry for (padron)?

What is the population register for? We explain everything you need to know about registering in Torrevieja.

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What is the registry for (padron)?

A large percentage of the population does not know the rights granted to be part of the municipal census, that is, to be registered in their home, today we will explain what the municipal register is for and the importance of being registered in it.


What is the padrón?

It is a municipal registry in which the data of all the residents of the municipality are found and as established in article 15 of Law 7/1985, of April 2, regulating the Bases of the Local Regime, we are all obliged to register in the census of the place where we reside, and if we live in several places at the same time, we will register in the place where we reside the longest in the year. Therefore, the registration will be made in the municipality that resides. The data from this municipal registry are proof of residence in the municipality.

To register in the ¨padron¨, it is necessary to go to the office established in your town hall to do so and request the form to be filled in with your data so that you can register or do it through the electronic office enabled for the same. At Audacia Abogados we can help you obtain your registration certificate by making an appointment here.


What is registration for?

The census is a document that certifies the length of stay in Spanish territory, regardless of nationality or legal status in Spain.

For certain privileges, aids or rights they depend on the municipality where we reside and to prove our residence it is necessary to be registered in the register of our locality.

Being registered gives us a wide variety of rights such as exercising our right to vote in the municipality where we reside in order to elect our Mayor; or enjoy and make use of the municipal services of our town, since a large part of the services are for the exclusive use of the citizens of the municipality, or they may have discounts for being inhabitants of the same, etc.

It is important to bear in mind that a large number of administrative procedures require us to be registered, such as buying a car, getting married, having a primary care doctor assigned or receiving social assistance.

To receive social aid, it is essential to be registered, since many citizens are not processed certain aid for not being registered in the municipal register or for being incorrectly registered. In addition, each autonomous community, province or municipality can have aid for all those who reside in its territory and also meet a series of requirements that prove their situation of vulnerability or lack of income.


How can I register?

To process your registration, it is necessary to establish an address, without the need for you to own the home, since it can be your home under a lease or the home of a relative. Registration must be made at the town hall where the address where you intend to prove that you reside is located, providing the necessary documents for this, established by each town hall.

The registration certificate is the document with the highest value when it comes to proving our residence in a municipality. It is necessary in judicial bodies (courts and tribunals), in the Civil Registry, in the declaration of heirs, to request residency by roots, etc.

From Audacia Abogados we can help you get your registration certificate, saving you the long lines, without waiting, by making an appointment here.

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