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What not to do when you talk to your lawyer

Know the most common mistakes when dealing with a lawyer

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What not to do when you talk to your lawyer

It is very normal to be nervous on that first visit to the lawyer. At last we are going to expose our problem, the one that we have been thinking about for weeks, it is understandable to be nervous since we do not know what they are going to say about our problem, if it is going to have a solution or not or if the solution is going to be very complicated and expensive even without guarantees that they will prove us right.

For this reason, we often try to sugarcoat the story or leave out some sensitive details, hoping that the legal professional we speak with will give us better expectations. This is an error as serious as hiding information about our personal health from the doctor, preventing his diagnosis, and therefore the treatment, from being correct.

When a lawyer or legal adviser lacks information about our case, it is certain that at some point in the procedure that information will be relevant and will come to light. It is these details that make us lose cases that otherwise and with the lawyer having full knowledge of all the circumstances of the case, would have been won by having foreseen another procedural strategy or another course of action beforehand. Sometimes we do not intentionally hide the details, sometimes we simply omit them because we think they are not legally relevant or that they do not contribute anything to the preparation of a trial, but the truth is that it is the lawyer who has to appreciate that and decide with as much information as possible the steps to follow.

It is also normal to have informed yourself before going to the appointment with the lawyer, we have all asked friends or acquaintances who have gone through a similar situation or we have searched for cases like ours on the internet, so that we go to the meeting with an idea of what they will answer us. This does not have to be the case, if the lawyer tells us a different answer to the one given by our friend or the one that came out in the Google search, we should not discuss it, it is silly to go to a professional if we think we have the answer for other media. The forums, friends or acquaintances are not professionals who have studied Law and have their experience in these cases to really advise us on our problem.

In addition, we must pay attention to what the lawyer tells us and pay attention step by step. It is of utmost importance to do what he tells us because otherwise we will only harm ourselves. In the meeting we must ask everything that generates doubts until we are satisfied because one of the worst situations in which we can find ourselves when facing a legal problem is to change our minds every few days. We must adopt a line of action and follow it to the letter, otherwise we will find ourselves entangled in our own steps.

In short, if we go to a legal consultation we must clearly expose the problem from the beginning, providing all the data we have and the entire context of the situation. We will share the causes and antecedents that may have occurred before the events, the events themselves and the actions that have been derived from the events both on our part and on the contrary. And after it we will stick to the advice and recommendations of the lawyer, above all we will avoid acting on our own since on rare occasions it goes well, we will follow an action plan in which the lawyer will do his part and we will do ours waiting with patience the result.

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