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What to do if you have been assaulted?

Reporting assault: Key steps

Criminal law
What to do if you have been assaulted?

The following are a series of steps to take in order to report a physical assault:

Making a report

The first thing to do when you have been the victim of an assault is to call the police so that they can go to the place where the events occurred and make the corresponding police report.

If you do not know the details of the aggressor and you have not called the police, it will be very difficult to report him.

The next step is to report the physical aggression as soon as possible, you should not let too much time go by. It is advisable in these cases to go to the court or the police as soon as possible.

Go to the nearest health centre

When you are the victim of an assault, it is important to go immediately to a health centre for a medical examination. This will make it possible to verify the injuries caused by the attack.

It is essential that the doctor draws up a report indicating each of the injuries suffered, gives a diagnosis, and indicates the surgical and medical treatment required. If you do not feel well after the examination, it is important to return to the doctor for further examinations.

This is very important because the outcome of the injuries will determine the penalty to be imposed. This is due to the fact that the reform of the Penal Code that came into force on 1 July 2015 eliminates the misdemeanour of injury and makes it a less serious offence of injury.

This increases the penalty for this conduct and leaves a criminal record for the injurer.

Gathering information

At the scene it is important to gather as much information as can be obtained from people who witnessed the assault. Try to get information from the perpetrators of the assault.

Take notes and take photographs of the incident

It is important to take notes of everything you can remember about the events that occurred and if possible take photographs of the place, injuries, objects used, witnesses, etc. It is recommended to try to collect all the elements that can serve as evidence before the police arrive.

Record the injuries sustained

In the event that the aggression has caused some material damage, it is important to record this in the report to the police or the court. It is recommended in this case to prove the value of the damaged goods.

Claiming damages

In the event that the court or the police make an offer of action to claim compensation if the aggressor is convicted. It is important to show interest and express the intention to claim for the injuries and damages caused.

Seek the services of a criminal lawyer

It is advisable in cases of physical aggression to request the services of a lawyer to take charge of the defence in court. In addition, he/she will also take charge of the claim for the corresponding compensation for the damages and injuries caused.

Criminal law

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