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What types of abuse are there in a couple?

Find out the patterns of abuse that can be in a couple!

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What types of abuse are there in a couple?

Forms of partner abuse

On a large scale, we can distinguish two types of abuse:

physical abuse

This type of abuse occurs when the damage caused is bodily or physical. It is easy to identify, because physical aggression usually leaves signs on the skin.

Typically, physical abuse usually consists of crimes of injury.

psychological abuse

Abuse of this type is often much more difficult to identify because it leaves no trace on the skin, face, or body. But, the fact that it is not visibly appreciated does not mean that it is less serious or less important. On the contrary, in most cases the consequences become even worse for the victim.

Normally, psychological abuse usually consists of crimes of coercion and intimidation.

How can you identify partner abuse?

There are people who standardize abuse as normal. And that happens more in the case of psychological abuse.

Physical abuse, being easier to identify by third parties who may interfere, is less common for it to be normalized.

The difference between slightly toxic behavior and psychological abuse is very small. Therefore, it is VERY common for people to normalize acts of abuse of this type.

In both situations, it is important to identify them in order to put a stop to that situation. No one has to share their life with a person who mistreats them, either physically or psychologically.

What is the most frequent abuse?

When it is the man who carries out acts of abuse, they are usually physical attacks.

However, when the abuse is carried out by the woman, it is usually of a psychological nature. In these cases, the vast majority of victims fail to identify these events as crimes of abuse. This is the reason why, according to official statistics, the mistreatment of women against men is less common.

What to do if I suffer abuse in the couple?

In the event that you are a victim of abuse in your relationship, whether physical or psychological, it is important to collect evidence of it.

Domestic violence and gender violence is difficult to prove on many occasions, because it takes place in the private family sphere, without witnesses.

Therefore, having witnesses who can prove it or voice and audio recordings that can prove the crime is essential. If this is your situation, I recommend that you try to record, without the other person noticing, when the events take place.

What is the judicial process for a crime of ill-treatment?

Depending on the type of specific crime in question, the complexity of the investigation, and other procedural elements, the trial will be processed as a speedy trial procedure or as an abbreviated procedure.

Therefore, you will not be able to know the duration of the process at the moment of its beginning.

I have not committed the crime, do I have to reach a compliance agreement?

Conformity is an agreement between the defense and the prosecution through which the defendant agrees to plead guilty to the crime, without the need for a trial to take place, in exchange for a reduced sentence.

If you are not guilty and have been denounced for ill-treatment, we indicate that in no case do you agree to reach an agreement of conformity. We will help you prove your innocence.

Criminal law

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