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What you didn't know was a crime.

Unknown crimes.

Criminal law
What you didn't know was a crime.

There are many laws that are constantly changing, so it is normal that you do not know for sure that it is a crime. Unfortunately, however, ignorance of the law does not exempt it from compliance. In this post we want to explain some new crimes that you may not have known, that is, what you did not know was illegal. Let's put your legal knowledge to the test.

Throw away or keep the furniture of the house where I am a tenant

It may happen that, due to a lack of communication or space, you have decided to throw away some of the furniture in the house where you live as a tenant, but BEWARE!!! You are committing a crime of misappropriation. According to the law, this furniture has been transferred to you in custody, but not as property, so you cannot appropriate it or decide its fate. You have a duty to preserve them. To prevent this from happening to you, always consult in writing with your landlord what you want to do with the furniture in the house.

Turning off electricity to a tenant who does not pay

Unfortunately, we have all heard lately about the increase in squatting and eviction cases these days. If you are in a similar situation and your tenant has not paid you for a while, it may seem like a good solution to resort to cutting off supplies such as water, electricity or gas. Now, it is a crime of coercion and you can have criminal responsibility for this crime. If you need to know more, here is everything you need to know.

Look at your partner's mobile

It is currently a crime of the criminal code, specifically included in article 197 and which involves the discovery and revelation of secrets. What the law pursues is the protection of a person's privacy, which after all should not be violated by the fact of being in a relationship. This crime can even carry a prison sentence of one to four years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months. The same applies if the computer is the medium that is "reviewed" by your sentimental partner.

Forward nude photos of my partner

In our article that you can see here we talk more about the subject , but, in short, you must bear in mind that the possession of a photograph does not authorize you to send or forward it if it has come to you through another person. In any case, when it is of an erotic nature, you must be very careful in its custody and in no case use it as retaliation in an argument or threaten to send it to the acquaintances of the protagonist of it.

insulting my partner

Who hasn't had a heated argument with their partner at some point? It is true that it is very annoying to argue with your partner but sometimes it can happen. At Audacia Abogados we suggest that, if this is the case, you always do so with tolerance and respect, just as you avoid insults. Currently, insulting a romantic partner is a minor offense under art. 620.2 of the Penal Code. The law is especially sensitive if the person who is offended is the partner or ex-partner.

You should know that any of these crimes involves a criminal conviction and with it a criminal record. You must avoid these conducts prohibited by law.

And you? Did you know they were crimes?

If you have been surprised and liked this article, do not hesitate to look for Audacia Lawyers to help you in your affairs.

Criminal law

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