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When can I get my home back if I have it for rent?

Find out how to recover your rented home.

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When can I get my home back if I have it for rent?

Although your first answer to the question "When can I get my home back if I have it for rent" may be when I want it, the legal answer is quite different.

What ways do I have to recover my home?

First of all, it is vitally important that a lawyer examines your rental agreement. It is possible that you have used the contract provided by the real estate agency, or even worse, that you have downloaded one from Google (despite being in Spanish, it is even from another country with completely different legality). Once it has been verified which assumptions your contract covers, you can use any of them. But...

What if my contract is not of quality and does not have clauses to recover the home? Am I going to have to rent it forever?

No. Don't worry, this situation is not impossible to remedy. What is needed in this case is to check the year the contract began in order to apply the corresponding law.

Can I recover possession of my home because I want it for a family member?

It is a possibility, but to be able to do it in the legally correct way, you have to take into account some requirements and, if you meet them, access this route.

Can I get my house back if the lease has ended?

Despite its simplicity, this question does not have an easy answer. It is necessary to study the lease and, on the other hand, the minimum legal term to know if in our case that period that the law requires to renew has already expired.

What laws should I consult?

The urban lease law has different articles that indicate the obligations of the owner and tenant in this regard. In addition, it is also important to consult the regulations present in the Civil Code. Finally, and for the worst cases, we must take into account the procedural deadlines contained in the Law of Civil Procedure, in case we must take legal action.

What steps do I take to regain possession of my home?

Depending on the alternative you have chosen, you should proceed to contact an expert lawyer in the matter who will advise you, since an error can lead you to lose another year in Leases or even to responsibilities towards the tenant.

We hope we have answered your questions regarding When can I get my home back if I have it for rent. If what you want is to have things done right, call Audacia Abogados and get what you want.

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