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Three traps your insurer makes you

Three pitfalls of your insurance company and how to avoid them easily. Do not let them violate your rights. Get information here.

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Three traps your insurer makes you

Many times we take out insurance in a hurry, because of the obligation, because we have forgotten that it has expired and we fall into the different traps that insurers put us. In this article we will explain three traps that your insurer makes you.

In the first place, it is common that we have to look for insurance to be able to have coverage in different aspects of our life. On the one hand, protect our car against a traffic accident, on the other hand, safeguard our home from breakdowns and theft, or finally our health and that of the family.

But what is the first trap of the insurers?

1. Forcing us to pay more expensive car insurance for having a child under 25 years of age. Both the courts of Spain and those of the European Union have declared this type of consumer abuse illegal, understanding that there should be no discrimination based on age (article 14 of the Spanish Constitution). But why are youth insurance premiums still so expensive? Because insurers trust that the consumer does not know this information and act from a predominant position in front of the consumer, forcing him to accept. If this is your case, get in touch with us and we will help you prevent it from happening to you.

2. The second big trap for insurers lies in their coverage. Many times our insurance agent, who almost always ends up being a friend, out of trust and having been in contact for years, eagerly explains to us the "wide" possibilities that our policy covers. But what is the reality? That despite the fact that, in the advertisements, and brochures they try to sell us a very pink truth, once we have the problem they always answer us the so feared:

"This is not covered by your policy." That moment when we feel angry about paying years and years for insurance that the moment of truth does not help us when it is most needed. How can we avoid it? It is best to call Audacia Abogados, and ask them to review our documentation, before signing the insurance contract. It will save us a lot of headaches in the future.

3. At this point we will talk about when your insurer forces you to continue your insurance with them, because you did not give advance notice that you want to change your company months in advance. Who among us has not happened that after a few weeks to renew the policy, we heard from a friend that he had better conditions in his company and we decided to change? To all. But then we are in for an unpleasant surprise, which translates into further consumer abuse. They won't let us. They tell us that we should have given 2 or even 3 months' notice before the contract ended. It does not make any sense. We are forced by a company to continue hiring it. What can we do? Audacia Abogados Torrevieja, is an expert in insurance issues so she can represent us in this type of situation, getting us to "get out" of this company and go to the one we really want.

These are just three traps that your insurer makes you, and unfortunately there are many more. If you refuse to let others decide for you and violate your rights as a consumer, call Audacia Abogados. We can advise you in our offices or online.

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